About Us

The Conscious Parents’ Academy also known as Vivian Okoye Parenting Academy is an online parenting school built to help you gain knowledge, build skills and have access to the support you need to parent in this time and age. Going through this academy helps you elevate your consciousness, grow your self-awareness, heal and get empowered to raise wholesome, confident and trauma-free children.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help you raise better humans, build better nations and change the world.
Our tool to achieve this is parenting education.

Our Story

This is the story of how this academy came to be as told by our founder Dr. Vivian Okoye. As a young Nigerian mum, I grew up in a typical African family laced with some level of physical, emotional and verbal abuse. I might seem to have turned out okay despite the parenting I received but I didn’t and this is no way demonizing my parents because I deeply know they gave me they best they could. They also did the best they knew, However, I grew up knowing that I needed a better parenting experience for my children. What I didn’t know was how to make this happen. I thought that the mere fact that wished to be a better parent is all it would take but it wasn’t long before I realized that I was becoming the exact same parent that I didn’t want to be? My daughter had turned two years, very assertive and exhibiting toddler tendencies. I hadn’t built the skill and emotional capacity to handle the challenge that came with this phase of parenting. And what’s worse was that going online, goggling solutions didn’t solve my problem at all because the solutions I saw online at the time were Western. I didn’t see solutions that captured my cultural and society peculiarities. I remember wondering why we never talk about the struggles and challenges of parenting, why does everyone seem to have together or was it just me I thought to myself. Then I took to Facebook and started sharing my struggles. That was when I realized that just like me, a lot of parents were suffering in silence. This was when God laid in my heart to host PARENTS SUMMIT AFRICA in 2017. Everything that the resource persons and experts shared at the maiden event let me to walk my own journey of healing, learning and unlearning. In the process of this journey I took on a diploma in Child Psychology and Neuro-Lingustic Practice which helped me gain more clarity and equipped me to help my parents and help parents who were constantly coming to me for help. In 2018, we registered our academy and started supporting parents with learning and support. We did this through LIVE workshops and online community support. In 2020, with the heat of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we decided to build this academy to further support parents and equip them to walk their own journey of healing and skill up for raising wholesome, confident and trauma-free children. Here we are, almost 10,000 parents and families served from across the globe. We are happy to have you in this academy where we are raising an army of conscious parents and generational cycle breakers.

Meet Our Lead Instructors


Dr. Vivian Okoye

Doctor of Optometry | Author | Parent Coach

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What Our Students Have to Say

Working with Dr.Vivian was such a pleasure. With her guidance and support, I have been able to learn so much about myself as a human and also so much about what my son needs. I have become more equipped to handle my son’s behaviors. I haven’t stopped recommending this class to all the toddler parents I know
Samantha Richter
From Dallas, USA
This course was very insightful one for me filled with remarkable learning moments. It gave a deep understanding of why we parent unconsciously. I have become more aware of the needs behind my children’s behaviors and how to respond better to them. I will totally recommend this to other toddler parents
Yagazie Madu
From Nigeria