About Us

Vivian Okoye Parenting Academy is built to serve you with the knowledge, skills and support to provide wholesome care for your 21st century child and live your best life while at it

Our Vision

Our Vision is to help provide you with knowledge, skills and support needed to provide wholesome care for your little humans, while maintaining your peace, productivity and living your best life

Dr. Vivian Okoye — Founder & CEO.

Our Story

A lot of parents are struggling on a daily basis. Struggling to build the mental, emotional and physical strength to provide wholesome parenting care for their little humans. Many of these parents have legitimate struggles, they seek knowledge and support but they have no idea where to go. We saw this and decided to provide the support that parents need to walk through the journey of parenting. It all started when our founder Dr Vivian Okoye had her first baby. Prior to having her baby she was a very vivacious woman. The demands of parenting met her unprepared. She became overwhelmed, frustrated, and unable to provide wholesome care for her little human. At some point, she was almost at the brink of depression. Thankfully she realised the need for help on time and walked the journey of seeking help, receiving help and becoming a transformed parent. After her personal experience, she promised herself to help as many parent as within her power to crawl out the hole of parenting in ignorance. She made well on this promise by organising the biggest parenting conference in Nigeria in June 2017.Parents who attended the maiden conference reached out for support post conference. That was exactly when Dr Vivian realised the huge need for parenting education and support. She started putting the idea of an academy together and in 2018,the Vivian Okoye Parenting Academy was birthed

Meet Our Lead Instructors


Dr. Vivian Okoye

Doctor of Optometry | Author | Parent Coach

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What Our Students Have to Say

Working with Dr.Vivian was such a pleasure. With her guidance and support, I have been able to learn so much about myself as a human and also so much about what my son needs. I have become more equipped to handle my son’s behaviors. I haven’t stopped recommending this class to all the toddler parents I know
Samantha Richter
From Dallas, USA
This course was very insightful one for me filled with remarkable learning moments. It gave a deep understanding of why we parent unconsciously. I have become more aware of the needs behind my children’s behaviors and how to respond better to them. I will totally recommend this to other toddler parents
Yagazie Madu
From Nigeria