How to Handle Toddler Tantrum with CALM

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Course description

If you are a toddler parent and your child’s tantrum is literally driving you crazy consider this an answer to your prayer of ‘’God when will this be over’’? This is the solution you need. In this course, I share the steps and processes you need to implement to refuse the frequency and intensity of your child’s tantrums for good. Learn the strategies and skills to enjoy more serenity and productivity in your toddler parenting years

Key concept covered in this course include but not limited to:

  • Understanding toddlers and why they throw tantrums
  • One key step for handling tantrums
  • Mindset for handling tantrums effectively
  • 8 important strategies to help you prevent tantrums
  • How to give instruction the right way to get toddlers to cooperate
  • Understanding the phases of tantrums
  • How to diffuse a full blown tantrum
  • And lots more


YOUR TODDLER AND YOU. Get a copy here

YOUR TODDLER AND YOU. Get a copy here