Stress and Time Management

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Course description

In this course, I share how you can improve your mental health and capacity to handle stress. I also highlight the urgent need as a young parent, to properly manage your time and be more intentional about yourself. This will enable you to handle stressful situations better and strengthen relationships around you.

The focus of this course goes beyond time and stress management. It teaches you how to identify stress triggers and prioritize self-care daily. It also pays attention to the role affirmations, routines, and family bonding play in improving your stress levels, preventing stress contagion, and managing your time efficiently

Key concepts covered in this course include but not limited to:

  • Understanding the basic concept of parental stress
  • How to read the signs of stress
  • How to identify stress triggers and time wasters
  • How to properly schedule and set up routines
  • How to practice self-care
  • Understanding the stress management approach best suited to your family
  • Implementing time and stress management tools for the stress relief you deserve