I know your story because I am a parent to little humans just like you are and our story is definitely similar.

‼️As a parent you want to be able to teach and influence your child positively.

‼️You want to instruct and see your child obey

‼️You want to raise a disciplined child who shares a deep connection with you

‼️You want alternative ways of disciplining effectively

‼️You do not want to resort to shouting and beating

‼️You are tired of having to deal with your child’s stubbornness over and over again without any result

Actually, this isn’t the first time you are seeking information on how to stay in control, discipline and get your child to obey. You probably have tried all the tips and hacks on google and many Instagram handles but it hasn’t worked for you. You haven’t been able to figure it out on your own. You are now ready to get help!!


I do not believe you are here by accident. I am glad to have you here and I am committed to helping you achieve your goals

Truth is, with the right information, skills and support you will gain back your full control as a parent and 100x your influence on your child for positive outcomes.

Do you want to learn how to speak in a way that will get your child wanting to obey even before you finish asking?

Do you want to learn how to stop shouting and maintain your control when your child triggers you?

Do you want to learn how to handle power struggles and sibling rivalry like a pro?

Do you want to learn how to create and apply effective consequences for misbehavior?


Then you need to sign up for the effective communication and discipline class


You will learn how to talk in a way that will get your child to listen and obey
You will learn how to discipline when they misbehave
You will learn how to resolve conflicts like sibling rivalry and power struggle like a pro
You will learn how to stop shouting and maintain emotional contro

This course will help you build a deep connection with your children, teach you skills to maintain healthy emotional control and 100x your influence on your kids.

This course is your gateway to becoming the parent you have always wished and raising responsible and disciplined kids.

Imagine 20years from now, being invited to prestigious award ceremonies in honour of your kids for their outstanding achievements. I want you to imagine this!!

It all starts from the foundation you set today!!

Set the right foundation, sign up for the effective communication and discipline course now.

What you will get when you register

  • Access to the EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION AND DISCIPLINE course in the Vivian Okoye Parenting Academy
  • A 60 minutes personal Coaching call worth N50,000
  • Access to Vivian Okoye Parenting Academy Alumni group for weekly support
  • Access to become a member of the Young Visionary Parents Club worth N30,000
  • A copy of my Thrive Through Conflict Affirmations for parents


I am Vivian Okoye, a Doctor of Optometry, Certified Child Psychologist,Parent Coach and Author.
I am the founder VIVIAN OKOYE PARENTING ACADEMY. One of Africa’s foremost full fledged online parenting school.

I am also the convener of PARENTS SUMMIT AFRICA. one of Africa’s largest gathering of parents’ An annual event set up as a platform that gathers Parents’ from all over the nation and beyond to start up relevant parenting conversations as well as to advocate the total wellbeing of the African child through parenting education.

I authored the book “Your toddler and you” An amazing resource for toddler parents.

I have helped hundreds of parents to gain the knowledge,skills and support needed to address behaviour problems in children and raise wholesome humans in this time and age.

I and my work have been featured on different media platforms including Channels Television, Guardian Newspaper, BBC news just to mention a few.

I hold a Doctor of optometry Degree from Imo State University as well as other relevant certificates in Child Psychology and Neurolinguistic Programming.

I am happily married to one man and together we have two amazing Children